Capital Allowances

So what are ‘Capital Allowances’?

You have recently purchased a commercial property, this may be a warehouse, a factory with offices attached, it may be a hotel, a group of commercial properties such as a pub group, hotel chain, wholesale drinks businesses, a brewery the list is extensive.

Once you have purchased the building, you may be eligible for what are known as CA’s (Capital Allowances) This is the governments way of awarding Tax Credits to help business in the UK and beyond drive valuable employment revenue via tax savings. Capital allowances are driven by measuring the intrinsic parts of any building, essentially if you were to turn a building upside down and shake it, the parts of the property that remained would form the basis of a capital allowance claim.

Unfortunately for business, this tax saving is not readily advertised, and is quite specialist meaning once again, your accountant would perhaps choose either not to include it as part of their portfolio of services, or outsource the work to a specialist, much like a doctor would when speaking to a client who required heart surgery. As little as 10% of UK businesses make any claim whatsoever for Capital Allowances.

So what would be the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible for a claim through our specialist team you would first of all need to contact us an book your free initial consultation, or simply complete the form below and click send. This will give us an instant idea of your potential to claim. Our sales team will then contact you with a view to booking you in for a visit from our specialist advisors, responsible for over 6000 successful Capital Allowance claims.

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