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Jayne Gillin (Director), The Little Pub Group

The Little Pub Group

“The introduction of Control Costs into the business has and will generate significant savings for The Little Pub Group. This puts us on a sound footing from which the business can move forward. Control Costs have scrutinised in finite detail each and every business expenditure…”

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Steve Matthews (Director), Bromley Tennis Centre, Orpington

Bromley Tennis Centre

“You have turned the sales process on its head by focussing upon the client cost savings first and your own sales benefit second”.

Chrys Fisher (Lessee), Palmer Arms, Dorney

The Palmer Arms

“During his former life as a BDM Michael Beveridge restored my faith in the relationship between lessees and landlords. The balanced fashion in which he effectively went about his work to mutual benefit was welcome. His approach was very much based upon win/win. Michael works with honesty, integrity and a genuine desire to improve a lessees business. That he has now taken his approach to business and established Control Costs can only be good news for the lessees and tenants he works with. That Michael has returned to my business and assisted in making significant savings in energy supply, telecoms provision and reduced beer wastage costs is great news. My bottom line can only improve!”


Diana Berry (Tenant), The Red Lion, Old Marston

The Red Lion

“Good understanding of the challenges and needs faced by tenants. Listens to our issues and looks to assist, help, support and resolve. During the last 3 years we have had an excellent working relationship with Michael Beveridge. More recently he has worked with us to find a solution to electricity and gas overcharges in excess of £6,000. This problem has now been removed and we can get back to running our busy pub. We are more than grateful for what Michael has done.”

Gareth Daly (Lessee), The Alma, Islington

The Alma

“You’ve just saved me £30k! What’s the catch?”


Simon Toon (Chief Executive), Leigh Sports Village, Leigh

Leigh Sports Village

“Leigh Sports Village have been working with Control Costs. Their representative at all times conducted himself in a professional manner and delivered genuine savings with zero commission charges or broker fees. I would recommend any business to employ Control Costs to take a look at their business and demonstrate the savings they delivered to LSV.”

Tracey Platt (Franchisee), Canterbury, Tewkesbury

Canterbury Meet & Eat

“I initially treat Control Costs claims of being able to deliver significant cost savings with caution and being a drain on my time and energy.  However forwarding energy bills, insurance schedules etc by email was a pain free experience.  Once Control Costs had my information they contacted me with emails offering new deals and information.  I don’t feel I have wasted any time honestly but have improved my bottom line dramatically.  Running a busy pub too often prevents sufficient time being devoted to sourcing correctly priced new supply agreements. Control Costs have worked with me to achieve great savings on new agreements including electricity/gas supply, refuse collection, insurance & hygiene services. I will always look to them for advice before agreeing any further costs connected to the business.”


Jonathan Woollard (Lessee), The Rylston, Fulham

The Rylston

“Control Costs were introduced to me by my accountant. I put to the test their claim of being able to deliver significant cost savings. I compared Control Costs with various other quotes across the board. Such comparisons have shown Control Costs to be very competitive in delivering excellent deals in many areas including food purchasing, insurance & electricity/gas supply. Indeed since working with Control Costs I have gone on to recommend their services to other pubs. The cost saving work of Control Costs has produced the same outcomes regardless of the pub. Great work!”

Ashley Young (General Manager), The Plough, Itchen Abbas

The Plough

“Control Costs only got access to me because of being highly recommended by our accountant and BDM. I initially treat their claims of being able to deliver significant cost savings with great suspicion. Having previously worked in a utilities supplier finance department the work of “brokers” (as I initially defined Control Costs) I treat with great caution. I have seen the commissions many often collect! From the outset Control Costs proved honest, transparent and passionate about delivering a service which sources the best agreements at the best price. Not only do I now have a great working relationship with Control Costs but, without hesitation I recommend them to other operators. “


Chris Troup (Director), Coastal Inns & Taverns

Coastal Inns & Taverns

“Control Costs services were recommended to us by another multiple lessee. We were advised that in the area of electricity/gas supply in particular, they would beat the market significantly and by some distance. This has proven to be true. Control Costs are now entrusted with getting the best quotes from which we can choose our electricity/gas deals”.

Keiran Rabbitt (Director), Serendipity Inns & Bars

Serendipity Inns & Bars

“Introduction to Control Costs via my BII membership has delivered a good return. Control Costs benchmarking service has proven invaluable at a time when we have been preparing to take over both leases and elsewhere contracted management services of pubs. We put Control Costs quotes on electricity/gas, merchant services, refuse collection, insurance, telecoms/broadband, water & food purchasing to the test. All have either been competitive or proven invaluable to get the best deals on the market. We have established a good working relationship with Control Costs moving forward.”

as sports

Pete Wallington (Director), All Stars Sports Bars

All Stars Sports Bars

“I have really challenged Control Costs benchmarking service. I work hard to make sure that I get the best deals for my business. It is my business. It is vital that I get it right before agreeing to any deal which will impact my bottom line. Working with Control Costs on electricity/gas, merchant services, insurance, telecoms/broadband & cellar gas has helped ensure that my business remains cost effective. Control Costs do not always get the business but they are always competitive and cooperative to help me make the right decision. Going forward we will keep talking to & using Control Costs as and when supply agreements are up for renewal.”.

Spencer Swanson (Tenant), The Whiteleaf Cross, Princes Risborough

The Whiteleaf Cross

“I used Control Costs to provide quotes on various products & services at my pub. Good savings have been achieved across the board. Having run my pub for 14 years it has been great using Control Costs to achieve this. Control Costs have also helped to tackle problems. They have not shied away. An existing telecoms/broadband provider for example, tried to charge a £465 penalty fee for exiting an agreement. Control Costs advised that this move was illegal. They advised how I should respond. I ended up receiving an apology and a £50 credit instead. Working with Control Costs highlights how busy publicans can be subject to greed & bullying by big companies.”


Alexander Marley (Chairman), The Pub Tenants Association

The Pub Tenants Association

“Control Costs consistently deliver independent, impartial advice to our members. The identification of unnecessary over expenditure on operating costs is an essential service. Control Costs truly is an invaluable service reviewing lessees & tenants expenditure and reporting back possible savings. Impressively, helpfully that they feed back when expenditure is correct and supply deals good is an indication of the honesty and transparency of Control Costs work”.

Joshua Khan (Tenant), Greene King Local Heroes – The Broad Face, Abingdon & The King Charles Tavern, Newbury

The Broad Face

The King Charles Tavern

“Control Costs are my favourite supplier. They always save me lots of money.”


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