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Control Costs has key areas of expertise

Energy Savings

Control Costs are specialist business electricity and gas consultants, with a track record of arranging thousands of competitive quotes and negotiating the best deals to save money for our business clients.

We strive to save business clients money on their commercial electricity and gas bills.

Electricity & gas prices constantly change. Not so long ago historical pricing lows were being enjoyed by business consumers. The trend now is one of costly increases. Correct purchase decisions are vital to prevent unnecessary and  exorbitant price hikes.

By comparing business electricity & gas tariffs, we quickly find that significant financial savings can be achieved. More businesses are recognising the benefits of changing their electricity and gas suppliers, but there are still many stuck with overly-expensive deals simply because they haven’t weighed up their options.

Control Costs is aligned to access the UK’s major electricity and gas suppliers most market competitive deals.

We’ll work with you to explore the different lengths and types of contract and present our recommendations to you free of charge. We arrange the necessary contracts for you direct with the suppliers.


Water Savings

As of 1st April 2017, the water market deregulated opening up the potential for savings and benefits to businesses.

The supplier of water was dictated by geographical location. There was very little competition, giving no incentive for suppliers to lower prices or provide adequate customer service. For business consumers, this is now a thing of the past.

Water suppliers will now have to work harder to retain and attract business  customers by offering lower prices and better customer service.

Commercial water market deregulation has been enjoyed by businesses in Scotland since 2008. To date discounts across suppliers have reached 20-25%

We can arrange the comparison of 150 different tariffs from 18 suppliers to find the best deal.


Telecoms & Broadband

Working with award winning telecoms specialists we provide the highest quality products and services at the best possible prices.

We arrange independent advice to businesses on the complete range of telecoms and broadband services, helping find the best supplier at reduced prices to deliver real savings.

A full range of telecoms and broadband services can be provided, often starting with a review of your current set up to ensure you have the right solutions for your business needs and you are paying the best rates. Our telecoms and broadband solutions can help, whether you are:

* Moving offices or expanding
* Adding staff
* Looking to update your technology
* Or simply making sure you aren’t paying too much!

Our specialists works with businesses of all sizes, providing solutions to match requirements whether it is one telephone line or fibre-optic broadband. All services are quality assured.

Transfers are professionally managed to ensure smooth stress free implementations accompanied by excellent customer aftercare service.


Merchant Services

We independently assess your business to establish the best possible merchant services solutions to fit your needs.

The best services and lowest rates can be delivered to our clients. Our aligned team of experts are committed to ensuring our clients make smart decisions when it comes to securing merchant services.

We can arrange everything businesses need to accept credit and debit card payments including contactless card terminals and card processing.

Our fast and efficient switching service can save new customers as much as 50% on their existing costs. This is due to our preferred specialists having highly competitive processing rates negotiated with the Merchant Banks.


Insurance solutions delivered with high levels of customer service and standards. Expertly tailored insurance policies prepared by reputable experts.

Experienced and professional specialists dedicate time and expertise to gain a deep understanding of each and every client’s requirements no matter how large or small. They will assess the exposure and suggest truly independent insurance and risk management solutions.

Correctly priced “A” rated policies including buildings & contents, employers liability, public & products liability, business interruption, money, goods in transit, computers designed to meet the insurance needs of a multitude of businesses.


Other areas where Control Costs can help you save

There are many other areas where businesses are overcharged and receiving sub-standard service and/or products. Control Costs can help identify opportunities to reduce costs, improve service and product quality by changing suppliers and/or renegotiating contracts.

We have the privilege of working with some excellent accountants who can work to deliver many benefits to business clients including tailored business plans, meeting legal & HMRC obligations and assisting to improve performance and profit.

Business Rates

Our specialists can assist with business rates assessments and rebates.


We can best prices for the free trade supply of beer, water, soft drinks, wines, & spirits.

Catering & Hygiene

Crockery, Cutlery, Glassware, Cooking utensils, Cleaning chemicals, Cleaning equipment, Personal hygiene, Paper consumables.

LPG Gas & Kerosene Oil

Electricity, Gas (Natural & LPG), Oil, Energy efficiency.


Meat & Poultry, Fresh & Frozen Seafood, Dairy, Fruit & Vegetables, Ambient & Frozen goods, Tea/ Coffee, Bread & Bakery products.

Maintenance & Contract

All maintenance contracts including: Alarm Monitoring, Cleaning, Equipment, Fire Alarms, IT, Lifts, Plant, Security.


Stationery, Computer & Printing supplies, Printing, Photocopying, Office equipment & furniture.


Branded, Corrugated, Cardboard, Carrier Bags, Bio-degradable, Pallets, Strapping, Bubble & pallet wrap.


General waste, Recycling waste, Waste management systems, Training.

Work Wear

Corporate, Industrial & Protective clothing, Clean room & kitchen uniforms, Footwear.

Ready to start making some savings?

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